Zoom Meeting Services – Demo


This registration page is fully customizable.  This page resides on your site (or we can host it). You have complete control over the text and formatting, social media share icons, menus, and links.

This happens to be a WordPress powered site but you can use your own form code on your own web page. You can capture whatever registration information you wish and post that data directly to your own database (as happens now).  For us to manage a meeting attendee all we need are first name and email.  

Note that the attendee never directly registers with Zoom or receives a message directly from Zoom … we take care of all of that directly with Zoom with a combination of backend API code  … and user-friendly emails that you control the content of.

Not all of the features are available yet.  Our targtt is to implement most of the following list by the end of August. 

We’ll provide these services for a flat monthly fee that is yet to be fully established.   

I look forward to discussing this further on Friday, August 14th at 11:30 am EDT

Ross – Go ahead and register using the form below so you can see what some of the messaging looks like.

FeaturesZoom Meeting Services

  • Meeting Portal/Dashboard … Easy to use meeting creation and management portal & dashboard.  See and manage everything at a glance.
  • Confirmation messaging … Personalized, customized (logo’s ect.), simple, and clear confirmation messages.  Short or embedded links, single phone numbers, password clarity, etc.  … sent via registrant’s choice of email or SMS/text.  
  • Calendar Invites … 1 click on the confirmation to add to your calendar. This can also be an option, in some cases, on the registration web page.
  • Timezone Adjustment … If city and state are captured at registration  we can automatically adjust the timezone on the confirmation and reminder emails … globally.
  • Reminders … You, as the organizer, may also configure reminder emails at intervals you choose … 24 hours before, 1 hour before, etc.
  • Personalized Reminders … Reminders can contain information from the regstration page (first or last name, etc.).
  • SMS/text Reminders …   We will soon be able to text a reminder with an embedded sign-on link so a participant never misses a meeting or has an excuse for arriving late.
  • Attendee reporting … We also default to unique Zoom sign-on codes so we can report back to you who attended, when they signed on, and when they left.
  • Registrant Pre-Approval … You have the choice to accept all registrants automatically or to pre-approve each registrant one-by-one. 
  • Pre-loading of registrants … We will  support the upload, manual entry, or cloning from a prior meeting of registrants for the new meeting.
  • Dashboard … And you will have a dashboard to see who is registered, who attended, etc..
  • Automated Admin Updates … automated pre-meeting periodic reports of registrant counts, geographies, etc.  
  • Additional meeting & WordPress Registration Form platforms … coming in Q4 

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