MLD Foundation – Very Active This Rare Disease Day (2/29)

February 29th is Rare Disease Day this year.  1 in 10 – 30 million Americans – have one of the 7,000 rare diseases. On this rare day take a look around – who is it in your circle that has a rare disease? MLD Foundation is very busy this Rare Disease Day not only on […]

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US Announces BRAIN initiative with $100m of 2014 funding

President Obama today announced the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) initiative and an anticipated $100M of US government funding in the next fiscal year. That is part of several hundred million more committed by private partners and foundations to this project to better understand how the brain works. NIH Director Francis Collins

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Fiscal Cliff & Sequestration

Backgrounder … What is this & why do or should I care? Fiscal cliff – the effect of a series of enacted legislation which, if unchanged, will result in tax increases, spending cuts, and a corresponding reduction in the budget deficit. These laws include tax increases due to the expiration of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance

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List of Rare Diseases

This list was prepared using data supplied by the NIH’s Office of Rare Disease Research in late 2011. Please note that your medical providers and insurance payors probably have their own lists of diseases they think are rare – this list is for quick reference only.  Quick Jump: A B C D E F G

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Our new blog …

Welcome to the MLD Foundation’s new blog!  We’re excited to share about topics of interest to the MLD, lysosomal disease, leukodystrophy, and frankly, the entire rare disease community. Many of you in the general public and the MLD Family know us from the family support we provide to families affected by MLD … MLD Family

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