Merry Christmas …

As you read this most of the MLD Family™ is up and in the midst of their Christmas day – we have a Hawaiian family that is (hopefully) still snoozing!

It’s Christmas all over the world … from New Zealand & Australia through SE and central Asia, Europe, Africa, North, Central and South America the MLD Family™ covers the globe and includes all continents except Antarctica (as far as we know!)
No matter where you are we wish you a Merry Christmas and send butterfly hugs and a special blessing to each and every one of you! May your time with family be good and there hugs tight!
We know that we also span many religions and belief systems … and there is room for everyone here in the MLD Family. If Christmas is not your special day, we hope the spirit of Christmas – love, joy, peace and especially hope – envelopes you today and throughout the season.
I read a very poignant post from a MLD mom a day or two ago lamenting the fact that Christmas Day is anything but normal in their household with several MLD children.  The children, while sharing joy their own special way, were not able to “attack” the presents, the wrapping paper and the edible Christmas goodies as they once had.  Her sense of loss is immense.  For many we no longer have a loved one celebrating Christmas with us – another immense loss. We know both of these circumstances to be the case in our household and are sure it is the same for many and probably most of you too.  We change, adapt and make new traditions but still mourn what once was.  So for all of you we want to send a special butterfly hug and blessings – know you are not alone with your feelings.  We hope that in however you respond it leads to a day and season with happy memories, joy, peace and love.
Merry Christmas all,

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