Thank you for raising funds for MLD Foundation!

This page describes 4 ways to raise funds for us starting with easiest and then moving towards the most personal … which requires a bit more work but will likely connect better with those you share with and result in higher donations.

 If you have any questions, need any help, or simply have a creative (and hopefully fun!) fundraising idea please email, text or call us.

Option #1 ... Share the Campaign MLD Foundation has already set up

 Click and share the MLD Foundation’s campaign for  Weekend of C.A.R.E.

Be sure to add a personal message when you share.

Option #2 ... Create a Personal Facebook Campaign

Facebook has made it very easy for you to launch and share a personal fundrasing campaign in support of MLD Foundation. Most likely you’ve already seen a Facebook birthday campaign. Did you know you can create one of these campaigns for any occasion?

There are two ways to launch a personalized Facebook campaign.

1) Use your Facebook mobile app to go to the Facebook  MLD Foundation page. Click on Fundraisers, fill in the blanks and launch a Campaign.

2) Use this link on either mobile or desktop:  , fill in the blanks and launch a Campaign.

If you are creating a campaign for Weekend to C.A.R.E., please mention “Weekend to C.A.R.E.” (with the periods, please), and note the end date is September 22nd.

Option #3 ... Create a Personalized Campaign with photo, story, etc.

This option will be available starting Friday August 23rd.  It will be the most personalized campaign and is likely to garner the best response.

Option #4 ... Full Custom Event ... golf, run/walk, auction, etc.

We have quite a bit of experience helping families to host these sort of events and have a fully integrated Event Management System to help facilitate all of the logistics, registration, and book keeping.  Please contact us to learn more and get started.

Accountability & Tax Deductibility

We promise to use those funds is to the highest level of accountability as we pursue our We C.A.R.E.™ mission.